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Dedicated to the Trance genre that has been my companion through all my life. I cover also the originis of electronic music and some areas around trance.
Be aware this site does not pretend to do anything other than showcasing Trance music, a tribute to all DJs that through time has given part of their life and creativity to initiate and/or expand the electronic music and of them the Trance genre.
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Only an area where you can search through music history, it may contain links to some material whenever possible. NOTE: links will be provided to content that is safe to play and by no means this site will ever endorse those who thinks the effort put to produce such music is "free" just because is in the internet.
Demo Tracks
If you feel you want to showcase your content and you agree to do so in a free way to expose yourself to a broader audience, then take a chance and share the love for Trance here.
Links to multiple resources for the newbies and also for those who wants to share knowledge.
Some folks worth mentioning
Trance Legends
  1. Paul Oakenfold
    Godfather of Trance
  2. Paul Van Dyk
  3. Dave Seaman